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Kings Field is a first-person roleplaying game for Sony PlayStation. King's Field was developed and published by From Software, making them the first devlopment team to release an RPG for Sony's system only 13 days after it's launch. 

Kings Field was released only in Japan on the 16th December 1994 for Sony PlayStation and the 26th July 2007 on the PS3's PlayStation Store.


There was a small country called Verdite surrounded by a deep forest, encircled by fog and whirling winds. In ancient days, when a great battle was fought and many were dying, Verdite was saved by a person who then disappeared into the forest. Only the forest's drifting fog knew who this person was... The citizens called their savior the Dragon of the Forest and built a sanctuary and honored this person there. Eventually, only a legend remained and the Sanctuary was changed into the Royal Graveyard and all was silent. But, the legend says, "Someday the Dragon of the Forest shall return, bearing Magical Artifacts." However, the time has not yet come and the Sanctuary sleeps deeply.


The path to the Dark World was closed, the battle was won and only the legend lived on in Verdite.

But, the days of peace may not endure. As long as there is evil magic in the veins of the kings of Verdite, someday one will strive to open the dark door again.

John's dream to become a swordsman who surpassed his father was finally realized.Now, to carve his name into the world and prove that both he and his father had lived, John overcomes his deep sorrow and begins a journey to find new skills and learn what his future holds.

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